Another round for Music

Music is the best thing in this world. Forget the people, forget the drama, the chaos. Forget the dreams and the nightmares. And all that pain inside you! Forget the world, and drown in music. Pulled to a point where you don’t want anyone to save you from drowning. That music going through your ears, down to your heart, and up to your soul. You feel alive, let the music hit you hard. And you never feel bad, with that melody drifting through your head and veins back and forth. A song can tale your whole life, a beat can make you feel alive again. This is the perfect world you see, with whatever genre you’re listening to, if it makes you happy and free, then keep drowning. Don’t come up yet, why would you when drowning in music is probably the best feeling ever! When your heart sings along without a word. Every word. It gets so deep into you, through you, and then follows the next line and you drown again. You’d probably think I’m crazy. Well, Yeah I am! Or maybe I just know how to enjoy music to the fullest, just like some people enjoy every sip of their tea, or every bite of their food, I like to enjoy music with every bit of it.

And you just don’t wanna stop, it’s ringing in your ears and you’re literally sinking. Music is a big sea, maybe like an ocean. The waves are the melody that runs through you, and the tides are the lyrics that take you away with them. Music is one thing that can bring two hearts together. A song can explain how you feel, without you saying a word, maybe in general or to someone. What kind of magic music has? It can change the world if we all listened carefully. Except one feeling, the one I’m having right now. All this writing, and I still can’t explain exactly how I’m feeling right now while listening to music! Just good, and happy! Like nothing can worry me. I get this feeling often, of drowning in music and it’s good. Probably the best kind of paralysis you can get. Everything is slow and easy; or you shout out the song so loud that it lets out all the pain you got inside. When you want to scream, scream a song out and cry if you want. Let it flow. Yeah, make it dramatic, as long as you feel better in the end 😉

Drift the pain away with music. Whether listening to it, or writing it, or shouting it out. It will help! Music is the only thing the whole world agrees on, or at least lots and lots, and lots of people. So drown in music, no one can tell you to stop! And it’s the best feeling ever. To ignore the world for quite a while. To shush everything, and let that melody drift you. Listen to music people, it helps. 🙂

Music on. World Off

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