Have you ever been stuck in a room, feeling all alone? Just sitting in a corner, probably listening to music, and it’s the only thing which seems to keep you sane. Or even in a crowded room; though you have people around you, but you still got that emptiness inside. When at times you feel that you belong somewhere; however, you find that you don’t actually belong no where. You try to get over this heaviness in your veins; it’s almost as heavy as a stone! But it doesn’t perish. You just want to scream your heart out, maybe for someone to hear. But you’re the only one who can hear because it’s a deadly silent scream. You feel paralyzed under your skin, and it seems that there’s no escape.

Ironic how most of us feel alone, together! It is just weird actually; over 3 million people would sit in the same place and feel like they don’t belong anywhere. You wait for that person who will one day tell you; “Hey, I’m here; you’re not alone”. But he/she never comes! You see that everyone is the same, and you’re stuck between them. And you don’t know what to do anymore, nor who to trust.  Faces is all you see, but you wonder what they hide; does everyone really just go for what they want and leave other people? Or what about those people who ignore you and make you feel worthless? And you’re just fed up, and wish to be alone. But at the same time you hate. So you’re stuck. Frozen. Paralyzed.

Did I just explain exactly how you probably feel? Well, see then, you’re not alone after all. There are many people who feel the same way, alone and tired.  You don’t know who’s there for you and who is not. You try to distract yourself with anything, but nothing is working! But hey, you are not alone. There are people who care about you, you just don’t see it. Even if you feel lonely, there will be someone for you to hold you, and fill your world. 7 Billion person are on this Earth; sooner or later someone special will come, and even if he/she didn’t come you still got yourself! Love yourself, try to understand yourself. Maybe my words don’t really make sense to some people, but to me and hopefully a few people it will. Hopefully it will make a difference in someone’s life. I will admit this blog, I needed to write it to let all what I feel inside out. Wherever you are, you are not alone, just remember that. Keep your head up, and move forward. Whoever is meant to meet your path will, and it will be for a good reason. Take care everybody!

Hope that made you smile! 🙂


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