45 Wonders

This week my blog is gonna be totally different. No long paragraphs, and a huge sort of essay. This time it’s only a few lines of thoughts; some are funny some are not, either ways it will make you think and wonder! You might even stop, freeze, and stare. Shall we begin?

So here we go: Have you ever wondered..?

1- Why all celebrities write a book?

2- Why isn’t there peace in the world?

3- How our world would be like if there’s no poor?

4- How is life in a parallel universe?

5- If someone thinks of you at the same time you’re thinking of them?

6- How did the name ‘Karma’ come?

7- How Music would look and be like if it was a person?

8- How quite and boring the world would be without music?

9- If someone far away shares a song with you, and later on you listen to it and wonder if they’re listening to it too, at the same time!

10- How some people mean so much in your life?

11-  Why do we get goosebumps from lovely things?

12- Why the media treats celebrities like aliens?

13- If there are really vampires, but we don’t know?

14- Full Moon and werewolves. Enough said!

15- If there are actual aliens somewhere in the universe, and they’re looking for us too (Thinking that we are aliens as well)

16- How an actor/actress sometimes become singers? Like wow, the talent just fell on your head!

17- If we are ever gonna reach that imagination of the future in movies? Smart kitchens, flying cars everywhere!

18- If there was two worlds, one for girls and one for guys?

19- Why the world didn’t end in 2012 like they said it would? Bad for you NASA

20- What really happens after you die?

21- How Heaven’s look like?

22- If Shakespeare or Newton or any of those people were living in our time, how would they react?

23- If World War I & II never happened, how would have the world of today be like?

24- If the whole world had only one country to live in it!

25- How did most of countries’ names came?

26- Why all the movies end the same way?

27- How to escape a zombie apocalypse?

28- What will be the first thing you grab (to save it) if your house is burning?

29- What if Friends (show) came back?

30- Who takes pictures of flying airplanes? (Superman, maybe)

31- Why mountains are so high? (Did they grow weed?)

32- Why kamikaze pilots wore helmets?

33- How this world would be like in a 1000 year?

34- If there is no hunger in the world!

35- If all countries really helped one another?

36- Why chocolates are so good?

37- How did most brands’ name came up?

38- If you could buy whatever you want!

39- How you can actually live in a mall and survive?

40- If there is really a dinosaurs island? Yes like Jurassic Park

41- If it is the other way round, and you get the money each link you click

42- Why some people talk formal with everyone, even with friends? (Chill)

43- If History was never written!

44- When they say we study history so same mistakes won’t happen again, but they happen!

45- Why this list is so long?


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