Why Vacations Are Awesome

Summer is almost here; schools finishing off, traveling booked, and chilling is about to start! And it is a good time to write into this blog. Let’s start it from the top (I don’t start from the bottom) and say why vacations are awesome; simply vacations are those times when you got nothing to do, when you just chill, and have fun! Stay up all night and sleep all day, go out with friends, and all you do is just play.

Especially summer time; it’s when the drinks get colder and the sea gets warmer. It is to leave the school empty (Fun!) and just lazy off at home getting up very late, then doing it all over again. Well that’s for some people; however, others enjoy it in other ways like planning for a trip, or learn guitar. Or maybe a movies marathon where you watch a full movie series in one day. Maybe even go out with friends, read those piles of comics (or online, same thing)! And Party! You get to party everyday of it, even if you stay at home that is still kind of a party of not having to go anywhere. It is just amazing, going to the beach, getting tanned, and enjoying in the hot sand. Just imagine a place at night, where the music is playing non-stop, and you can go on a shopping spree. The Crowd, the air, and the moon; and just everything in the right place. Nothing to do but to relax and enjoy! And many more things that you could do, and that’s the best part of it!

June goes, July passes, summer heat of August comes and we are back to September again; where the school starts and the there is breeze in the air. It’s cold but it’s not at the same time. And December comes with its winter, rain and snow! Guess what’s coming next? YES! Winter Break! That one is the second most awesome on after summer; just a three weeks break from school. Which you hang out with friends to get hot cocoa, and all those hot drinks. Those times when it rains, and you see people run and hide, but you just laugh and go dance in it like a maniac! Winter Break, you can also stay up all night, on your couch, with your hot drink and blanket while watching your favorite shows. Sounds cozy, huh? And the best part is that you can wear hoodies and look like a gangsta (Where you start it from the bottom)! And when New Year’s eve comes and you’re either at Time Square, or anywhere in the world, it is a day which everyone celebrates. Don’t forget the fireworks. Amazing!

Well well, how time flies fast. Now we’re at the end of March and heading towards Spring Break. One, or usually two weeks break; this is one of the most beautiful vacation for some people! I said some because yeah, allergies. Anyway, you see flowers everywhere and the weather is just perfect it’s not too cold, and not too hot. And what is a vacation without relaxing from everything? You still plan a travel somewhere during those two weeks. It is a time where, if you aren’t western, you will be able to go to United States, Canada or even United Kingdom without freezing to death! Painting eggs is fun too. Basically Spring Breaks are the best if you go to a park, whether it’s amusement park , Madison Square Garden, or even Disneyland. Excited yet? And then the break ends, you go to school for about two more months. Get exams, done!

And we’re back again from the start.
Summer is almost here; schools finishing off…
Enjoy your summer folks! 😉


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