Picking It Up!

Before I start retreating my blog again with new writings every week, you probably wonder where I’d been gone all this time, and why I suddenly stopped writing blogs? To be honest, I have no idea. One day I felt like I’m fed up with it; I wrote a few things and that’s it. After a while it felt like a job..But it’s not! When you build up passion for something, it shouldn’t feel like a job and a must-to-do. You anticipate for every moment you’ll spend again working on that passion burning in your heart. To tell you the truth, I never thought I’d even have the slightest thinking of being a writer, but starting these blogs, one by one I loved it more, and I wanted to write more. But that voice inside me came again, that voice which tells me move on from it and find something new.

I will guess that most people, like myself, get bored easily from things. But one day they decide to try stopping that habit so they grip themselves, say they’ll start something and never give up on it. And I’ve done that so well for over a month, but then I will admit I gave up. (Ironically my next topic was about Never Give Up) Giving up in not the issue; at times of our lives we do get sick of a few things so we take a break, but the problem is not trying to pick it up and work on it again! From the top, with new passion regenerated. I watched a few motivational videos before writing this blog right now, and that it what made me get back. Although I have got many other passions for lots of other things, but the passion of writing, it comes at hand any time, it’s there waiting for me to explode and become something useful. 

Always work on your passion, eventually that will make up your dream and build it up. It might take weeks, months, or even years, but it will all be worth it. Passion is the word. You got passion in something, do not give up on it. Even if it seems hard. Even if it seems impossible, it’s that voice in your head which makes it seem like that, but it’s not. Run and get what you want before it’s too late. ‘Tide and Time waits for no man’ Don’t waste your time, it’s precious. Do something you love, draw paint or even listen to music. Write a little story. Everything you do is another step to what you make. Even if it’s little that you do, don’t you worry. All you gotta do is just try to work harder. And Never ever give up! Believe in yourself and what you can do. Brush it off and start again, it’s never too late. It’s Never too late.


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