Let Go!

Letting go can give you double dawns. Have you ever held on to something for too long that it is starting to make you frustrated, or you do not feel like it serves you any more, not mentally nor emotionally? I bet you did, I bet not one of us hasn’t because it is a nature in us.

Holding on to things, that’s what most of us got. As humans we like to own things, even if it is just an idea. But sometimes things just do not work your way, something happens which changes everything. Though you’re still holding on to that thing, even when it is hurting you. Some people keep lying to themselves. If you are doing that then just STOP! Stop lying to yourself dear. Take a breath and don’t think about it for a moment. Clear your head. Done?

You should believe that when you let go of something, twice as much will come in your way. For example, if a friend had a huge fight with you and you did your best to make it up, but it didn’t work. It is not because of you. You just need to know how to let go. I had that experience once of losing a friend, but after I let go I found even better people. Some who wouldn’t let go. You should know that when you let something go, it might fall back just like you wanted it, or even better. That is my new moral; “If you let go, everything will fall into the right place”. And in the right time too, with the right reason and the best plan. You just got to believe. Letting go is hard; people think it is holding on that makes you stronger, but sometimes it’s letting go.

Further to that, you need to know that some things you cannot change them. You cannot change the fact that someone had passed away, you cannot blame yourself either. You just got to accept it and let it go. Life doesn’t stop on one thing or someone. You got to keep on going with your life and goals and dreams. If you need help ask for it. But the dime is to let go. Let go of sadness, let go of frustration. Every day you wake up is a new life. See it like that, and you will have an awesome life.

I had a dream once of forming a band and becoming a musician, but some things just happened which made that dream to vanish for a while. So I let go of my dream for sometime. Then what happened was I got some news which kind of brought that dream a new hope. So everything might fall into place just the way I wanted it. You must believe it; it’s one of those things which will keep you going on.

Whatever happens to you, you should always know that you got some place in this world, that you are awesome, that you can make a change. Just believe and let go!

Let go


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