Peace: No War

Ever since humanity began, we’ve all been in war. Either with ourselves deep inside, or with a much bigger conflict with other people, countries, or just about anything. But why? Why can’t we live in peace? Why can’t we have a world with no corrupts?

It is ironic that wars are for survival, but people still die and eventually there’s no winner. Let’s get it from the start, let us go a few years back, when World War I started. Can you tell me who won? All what the world got is loss of more innocent lives. Going a bit further to World War II; nothing but more people dying. And conflict which still goes on to our day. And look at Japan, they’re still suffering from those nuclear bombs. Their children are not 100% well. I’m not taking anyone’s side; I’m just trying to say that after this world ends and everyone dies, after 120 million years those bombs still got the effect. Why do we do that? For getting resources, better lives? Well you’re taking away from other people’s lives who are also trying to survive. And I don’t think there is any spot in this world which doesn’t have resources and materials, etc.Peace

It seems as much as the human develop with technology and new things, he becomes more inhuman twice as much. Let us all stop this madness, stop the bombs, stop the wars, and build for peace. It is also ironic the wars which happen for ‘peace’! Like Vietnam War. Think about it, if we stopped war and started looking for peace. And I mean the real peace, with no conflicts at all. God created this world for us to flourish it, and all we do is destroy it. Peace, that’s all we need. That’s all we should, not fight for, but work for it; if only the whole world could become one nation. After all, we’re the same. Just different names or cultures, doesn’t matter, we have the power to make a change. Start by you, make peace inside and around you. Say sorry to someone you have hurt, they will accept it. Stop the demon inside of you. Look for a better world and future. Left up the sign of Peace. You are capable of doing it. You got the power to make a change. I bet everyone wants to see a great world.

From Syria to Boston. Japan to Burma. Everywhere in this world, Say No to War. Because it will destroy us, it will destroy humanity. Save the future. Stop the killing. PEACE.



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