Friends, a seven letters word that means the world. Friends are everything, without them everything would be so boring, dull, and dark! They are the ones who pick you up when you fall, stay with you till the dawn, and fill your life with joy. Those people whom you love with your dearest heart, and without them you would fall apart.

I would say that my friends are very important to me, I value each one of them, and hold them close to my heart. Wherever they are in this world. Isn’t it nice to have endless people who love you? Friends support you no matter what. They push you to become better and better in what you do. They define who you are because it is true that you’re like your friends. For example, I’m crazy; all my friends are too.

Remembering old things with friends is awesome, specially when those things were like 12 years ago. Imagining your dreams coming true with your friend. Planning huge things to fulfill, and watch each other succeed. That joy of seeing your friend happy because he/she is living their dream, or because you did something which made them feel happy.

Friends are like music, some have the nicest melodies, others are just noise. But in the end we still love them all. Friends are those who keep annoying you, but that’s just their way of showing love. Friends, friends, and friends.

A friend is like a diamondImage
Some glow but are fake
While others are precious
Because they are real
We hold them carefully
Afraid of getting broken
They cant be lost
Since they’re so expensive
And that is the value of a true friend 🙂


Side Note: So you might be wondering who’s that ‘friend’ I seem to always mention in my blogs. To uncover the mask -since this blog is about friendship- I would like to show how grateful I am for having this friend in my life. His name is MadBeatZ and he’s an upcoming musician. So far he’d done great job and I would like to share his music with you guys.
So here’s the link to his channel:
Enjoy! 🙂


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