Having a rough day and upset? Smile
Troubled by something? Smile
Tensed? Smile

Whatever happens in our daily life, you should always smile no matter what. Your smile is the only thing no one can take it away from you, you’ve got the power on it and no one else. Smile and the world will smile back at you.

Isn’t it great if you made someone’s day by just smiling at them? Or get that cute smile from a little kid walking in school? Or even a random person whom you do not know? Wouldn’t that be great and make you feel great too?
My friend always tells me to smile no matter what, and they are right. Smile is the only thing which keeps you strong.

Whenever your friend is upset, try to make them smile, even laugh. Make a joke out of the situation and bring some laughter into the hearts. Smile and the world will fall in love with you. Maybe if people smiled more on streets, then our lives would be a bit better because a smile is proven to enhance the mood. Many times I’m not really in a good mood during school, then I talk with my friends -even if they do not know that I’m not feeling well- we share a laugh and that really brings me up till the rest of the day.

Remember nice things and smile. Don’t let sadness over come you, it’s contagious too. But even a smile is..Tell me a person who hasn’t smiled when you smiled at them?


Live, Love, Smile and Have fun. Do not complicate things, do not over think things. Many things are way too simpler than they appear. Why so serious? Smile 🙂



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