Why Music Is Awesome

If I would pretend Music is a person then it would be someone awesome who if you fall in love with, you can never stop loving them; no matter what happens. A person with a nice melody who always makes people dance, brings us joy all the time and who is always there when we need it. With every line they say, there is always something else behind it. Someone who is very social to the point of connecting people. And that is why Music is beautiful.

Music has been a huge part of my life personally, I will not deny that I cannot live without music. Basically, it was one of the reasons I went out of my ‘box’. I’m not even joking when I say that music got me lots of friends during the past few years. Music is something so dearly close to me, I even consider it a person at times. And to be honest, the world would be really quite without music. Those goosebumps you get when the song is awesome, those moments you lose yourself into it and it’s instruments. When the music truly owns you, your heart, and every part of you.

In our whole globe music is one thing that connects all of us, for example, someone who is in United States could be dancing on the same song as someone else in UAE. And they would not even know it. But how awesome would that be! Imagine watching a movie or anything without soundtracks, now that would probably be boring. Unless the movie is that good. Anyway, I would say Music saved me for the day even because I could not find another topic for today’s blog.

Music really connects people, it connected me with the most amazing people. When that melody swifts away between souls. Music Is Paradise!Music


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