A Page from My Diary

As I was sitting listening to music on shuffle as usual, this song came on; it’s not the song itself which got me, but the memories behind it that I remembered. Even though it is considered as a sad song, it still brought me a smile. I remembered those days and nights when I traveled the whole world with my friend. You would wonder, how such a simple girl like me travel the world in a blink of an eye. How my friend and I reached our dreams while still being in our rooms. The word would be Imagination!

Imagination is something which can bring you anywhere in the world, with anyone, and everything you want. Fantasy you might say, but what’s so wrong with that? I’m not saying you just sit there and do nothing. No, you gotta work hard for your dreams, but let imagination be a part of it because, honestly, that’s where it all starts. You imagine your success so you work harder for it. The power of Imagination makes us infinite.Image

On a different horizon, my parents will never understand why I always play music loud. Music, especially loud, cuts off my thoughts into the real world, and makes me go beyond what I see. Breaks those closed doors and sets me free to go to what I call “Imagination World”. Imagine a world where all your dreams come true, and there is nothing but peace and happiness. That rapture inside you bursting and all you can do is smile from it. God!

I still remember all those nights, when imagination was the highlight of that friendship. Imagining things with friends is just awesome, I mean, think about it and Imagine anything you want. Marvelous minds they are! It might sound childish, but aren’t we all children deep inside, right?


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