I will probably sound like a hypocrite because of this blog, but I want to re-state a few things. If you had read my blog last week, it seemed too negative, and didn’t get the highest credit. As a discussion with my friend, I realized I was wrong.
I was wrong by saying that we never get anything we want. We do. The dime is to never give up and you’ll get it. Believe in yourself and cherish everything you already do have. Yes I still stand by the fact that movies may exaggerate many things. But still, some things actually happen. Because everything is possible if you believe in it. If you work hard to get it. Believe..That’s the word everyone should go by.
Many things may not go the way you want it, but if you look deep you’ll see there is a benefit from it. You get a chance to achieve/get something way better than you wanted. Believe! Believe that Fate is inevitable; if you try to change it, it will change you. And you will never be able to fully live. So as many people say ‘Go with the Flow’. Do not fight the turbulence, just let yourself move with it, and it will work for you. You will find yourself at the shore, happy, and alive.

Hope & Faith, those are things you need too. Hope that everything will be fine. And it will. Hope that all your dreams will come true. And they will. Have Faith in what you do! Have faith in what you want, but do not forget, you already got what you need. Even if you do not, just look close and you will find it. Be happy with what you got, so many people have less than you. Be grateful!

Most important thing is to Dream Big. Let your head go beyond tBelievehe horizons, above the sky. You will eventually get what you want. If not sooner, then later but you will. Dreaming Big will let you achieve higher things, even more than you can imagine. But you gotta work hard for it. And it will not be easy; however, when you reach that dream all the stars are gonna sparkle and you will feel great. Dream!

Believe. Hope & Faith. Dream Big. Go out of your way to achieve something you really want. It is Never too Late.


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