The Things I Carry

The Things I carry, some are tangible, some are not, but they make a value and knots of memories. The necklace my friend got for me before she left school. That box on the shelf, it has many things, old drawings of mine, tickets of old shows in school, the first overdue receipt from the library, and many beautiful ribbons from various of gifts and occasions. Old love letters which I used to write as one of my imagination that I would actually send it to the guy I have a crush on–I never did though–they were silly things a young teenager would probably do.
Everyday a new day to school, with my black emo-like style it seems, since I’m usually in black with my metal band’s t-shirts and eyeliner. My phone in my pocket blaring out music through headphones to my ears, over 600 songs, but only a few mean a lot to me. Some pictures too. Even though I cannot listen to music nor see those photos during class, they’re always stuck in my head. Pictures of friends, maybe some 9gag along with encouraging and motivating images suck as, “Forget the past, don’t think about the future, just live in the present.”

Love is a big matter for me; I carry it inside my heart with every step. It is what keeps me going. I do not believe in relationships; however, I do love my friends, guys and girls, those who I see each day and others only behind the screen on facebook, but they all carry the same value to me. You know when you’ve been searching for that one thing–Friendships–in your life and finally find it, so all you do is grab to it and hold on to it. Friends are tangible with hugs and kisses but intangible in how they touch my heart and make everything easier.

Hate is a word I do not carry, I never like to use it nor hold it. Maybe annoyed or dislike but never hate. Tension has been following me from every alley; I run away from it and stand with a red light to it, and I’ve been winning!

I carry my books to school, my black bag with orange strap. Those books are like the ones you see on TV shows; I used to fantasize about them in 9th grade when I started my new high school life. I’ve got my guitars in my room. I wear my hoodie every so and so, because I love hoodies. And so many other things, pens I write with, that one pen I write lyrics with; pens write memories too. The memories I hold are the strongest. The things I carry, whether emotions or my pen, all work together creating who I am. And what I am going to be. And those are the things I carry and many more.

So what do you carry?!


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