Movie Fantasy

For once in my life I want to see a realistic movie with no ‘Happy Ending’. Because the truth is there are no happy endings, ever. You never get what you want, nor who you want; eventually, you either die alone or die trying, but either ways you still die.

Movies, especially Chick flick ones are just a useless fantasy that ruins our head. You never get Prince Charming in the end. In fact you most probably will end up with a cat!
Thing is, when you get to real world, none of it is like movies but as young teenagers we fantasize about them. Daydreaming, having high hopes, and then get broken down and become sick of love. Now That’s a movie I’d like to see. With reality.

In real world, good doesn’t always beat evil, there are no superheros, there none for you but you. And you don’t magically wake up next morning and find things any better.

Watching many movies, I’ve seen one thing which keeps repeating in every damn thing. Two people they get together, somehow, or go on one date. The guy walks the girl home, and then on the porch they say goodnight and the girl kisses his cheek and goes inside the house. The guy just pauses for a while. Voila! In the next scene, they’re girlfriend and boyfriend already. Even if most of it does happen, I dont think anyone would go on a relation just like that (And for the people who do that in real, they’re just dumb).

Movies does seem to affect our brains too much. But what if there was a movie with real shit? I wonder if that would have made any difference in this world!


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